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10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, then probably you know some of the basic things you should take care of during these nine months. If you take good care of yourself, the period of your pregnancy can become wonderful and joyful for you. There are many different aspects of your life which need special care during the whole period of your pregnancy.

10 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Your diet changes when you are pregnant and you should take extra care of your health so that you and your baby remain healthy. It will be helpful for you to write a birth plan during your pregnancy. You can show it to your doctor and you can share it with others to educate them.

To make your pregnancy period easy we are providing a list of useful tips which will help you in avoiding different pregnancy issues.

1. The first thing is your proper diet. You should take plenty of water and other fluids and spread your daily intake of food to six well balanced meals so that you can easily digest them.

2. Immediately stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Try to avoid sitting at a place where people do smoke. Smoking and drinking can affect your pregnancy and they have a bad impact of the fetus.

3. Sleep well during the pregnancy. Although it becomes difficult to sleep easily in this position, but taking a minimum 8 hours sleep is very important. Take more fluids during the day and reduce the amount at night so that you can sleep easily.

4. Consult your doctor after your pregnancy and take the parental vitamins as per the recommendation and prescription of your doctor.

5. Exercise helps in staying active. Doing exercise on a daily basis not only help in maintaining your health, but it also helps in reducing the stress. For this purpose you can join the pregnancy exercise classes or take a walk on a daily basis up to 20 minutes.

6. Avoid wearing uncomfortable and high heels shoes which can cause fatigue. Put your feet up on the chair or lay down on the bed to avoid the swelling of the feet and legs.

7. Pregnancy is the best time to educate you, not only for the pregnancy, but also for handling the little baby. Childbirth classes are best for getting more knowledge about the childbirth and infant care. You can also ask questions about pregnancy if you have any concerns.

8. Wear a pregnancy safety belt while driving a car it is very important for the mothers. It provides support for the body and the extra weight of the baby and helps you in avoiding the shoulder and back pain.

9. Take care of your increasing weight. You can track your weight by noting it on a weekly basis. An extra increased weight can be difficult to lose after the birth of the baby and gaining less weight can become the reason of low birth weight.

10. When you are pregnant, never take over the counter medicine. During pregnancy doctors recommend not to take any medicine. If there is any emergency you should consult your doctor or midwife before taking the medicine.


Pregnancy is the time when you face mode swings frequently. These mood swings can cause stress, which is not good for your baby. If you are feeling stressed you can divert your mind by doing different things. For example, talking with your partner on different topics or chatting with a friend over the phone. You can also start reading different books, but again if a reading material increases your stress avoid it. Physical fatigue is also a reason of mental stress so it will be helpful if you take some naps during the day to feel relaxed and comfortable.



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