Baby Glider vs Swing

Baby Glider vs Swing: What Should Parents Know?

So, you have just given birth and here comes sleepless nights with the little angel. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, you should do it in a comfortable position. Where you sit is a huge factor to make feeding comfortable and easy.

There are two types of chairs that are offer comfort for parents: the baby glider and the swing. And there are ongoing debates which is better. Especially for first time moms, making a decision on everything is important.

Adding to the confusion of baby glider vs swing, there are some products that use the term glider in their name but are really swings. Therefore, this article defines what a baby glider and a baby swing is and discusses their differences and generates a conclusion over which one is better.

Baby Glider vs Swing

A baby swing is a traditional baby chair built as a freestanding unit for only the baby that provides motion similar to the rhythmic rocking motion of the womb.

It is typically useful during the first months of a baby’s life until the weight goes up to 30 pounds. For many new moms and dads, a baby swing is a lifesaver for comforting cranky babies.

On the other hand, a baby glider is a comfortable place for moms to feed or simply rock their babies. It is a type of rocking chair made of a frame that is composed of padded seat attached to the base and non-parallel suspension arms.  This construction causes the glider to generate a rocking chair motion as it swings back and forth.

Advantages of Baby Gliders

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Gliders provide mothers a comfortable seat for feeding their babies. They are nursery essentials for babies to be soothed to sleep through the back and forth motion and for moms to comfortably hold their babies while feeding them. It is a perfect place for feeding, cuddling and reading to a baby/ child.

Unlike baby swings, baby gliders encourage physical touch with babies. Human touch is what doctors recommend for babies. That is why putting babies in a swing should be limited to one hour or less in a day.

Today, gliders come in a variety of styles and features. They come from the most traditional design to sleek and modern. The sliding back and forth is effortless and very relaxing when you are too tired to rock. They usually come at expensive prices but gliders surely will be a part of your household even when your baby gets older.

Baby Gliders Buying Guide

When buying a baby glider, here are some factors to look for:

  • The glider should have enough padded support for the arms, back and head. It should have enough room to allow you to change positions easily and should be wide enough for your body. Being able to reach the floor at an angle makes it comfortable too.
  • Strong frame. A baby glider should be made of strong materials and built to protect you from accidents. This will also make it last for years.
  • Padded armrests. Another important part of a baby glider are the armrests. They should be comfortable while you hold your child.

Advantages of Baby Swing

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Baby swings provide moms hands free time with their babies during exhausting hours. It also provides you much needed time to rest your arms from carrying your baby. They also provide motion that is sleep inducing and calming to babies.

Baby swings come with toys that entertain the baby. They also come in different styles and sizes – from portable travel units to a full size swing.

Baby Swing Buying Guide

  • Baby swings come in different types. They range from the most basic and no frills type to the type with many features and entertainment. They also come in different sizes from the most portable to a full size one. Choose a baby swing that corresponds to you and your baby’s needs.
  • The baby swing you buy should have a harness which includes shoulder straps and a 5-point harness. It will protect your baby from slipping out of the swing seat.
  • Another important factor to consider is the sturdiness of the baby swing. It should have a wide, strong frame and be low to the ground so it will stay stable when your baby leans to one side.

Make sure to check out our baby swing buying infographic and baby swing guide.

Conclusion on Baby Glider vs Swing

When it comes to our babies, we always want the best. It is a tough choice between a baby glider vs swing but since doctors recommend personal touch and a glider will be more useful over the lifetime, this article recommends for the baby glider. It encourages personal touch while providing comfort for both babies and mothers.


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