Best Baby Humidifier

Best Baby Humidifiers – Top 5

Every parent expecting a newborn will always take extreme care to pick out every part of the nursery. Parent often comb through the rigorous details to get everything right. The rocking chair has to be perfect, the bassinet must reach safety standards, the dresser must be durable to ensure it serves the child for a long time, and the list goes on like that. One other component is important, the humidifier. Getting the best humidifier for nursery is very critical, but sadly, also very overlooked.

Image Humidifier Price Rank
Reidea Ultrasonic Humidifier $$ 1st
Crane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $$ 2nd
Geniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $$ 3rd
Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier $$ 4th
Crane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $$ 5th

As a new mom or dad, you might be wondering why a humidifier will be helpful in your child’s room. It will keep clean, pure air in the nursery and keep the baby very healthy. Let’s look into the many benefits of getting the best humidifier for nursery.

Benefits of using a baby humidifier

  • A happy little nose: your baby’s little nose will be very uncomfortable when dry air dehydrates the sinuses and creates that stuffy feeling. Because their tiny noses are so small and still developing, babies will find it harder to breathe when their nasal passageways fill up so fast. Again, when the moisture in the air they breathe isn’t enough, their noses can become sore inside. The skin inside might crack up and even bleeding in severe cases. A good humidifier will add the most favorable amount of moisture in the air so that your baby’s nose is healthy and the child is also very comfortable.
  • Reduced cold symptoms: it is frustrating to watch your child suffer from a cold. Every parent knows what it feels like to suffer from a cold, so they can imagine what their little one is going through. However, authorities advise against giving babies medication for cold. So unless your baby is over the age of 2, there is very little you can do to help. When you get the best humidifier for nursery, it can help lessen the child’s suffering. It will produce moist air that minimizes nasal secretions to keep the nose clear. Your pediatrician might even prescribe a relaxing inhalant to suppress a cough and open up nasal passageways.
  • No dry skin: babies have sensitive skin that can easily get irritated or parched because of dry air. This can cause parched lips, sore and dry skin patches and itchy skin for your little one. Persistent skin conditions like eczema will only get worse with dry air. When the air is not dry, the skin will keep the natural moistness to keep babies sensitive skin soft and minimize flare-ups with eczema.
  • Better nights sleep: when a baby is suffering from a stuffy nose and cough problems, sleeping is no longer comfortable. Whenever babies are not comfortable, their parents will also not be comfortable. Better breathing is possible with the best humidifier for nursery and this also means better sleep at night, for baby, mum and dad. Even if your baby is not sick, they can still enjoy better nights sleep with a good humidifier. The sound of a humidifier is comforting and can serve as white noise to aid sound sleep.
  • Decline in heating costs: a humid climate is made of moist warm air that can make a room feel warmer even in cold weather. This is the effect a humidifier will have on your child’s nursery. A warm-mist humidifier can create the necessary warmth against cold without bringing the disadvantages an artificial heater would. Your utility bills will be seeing a decline when you have a good humidifier for nursery. Just turn the heater down and turn the humidifier up.

How to choose the best humidifier for nursery

Thankfully, there are different products on the market. You can choose the very best out of all the options available. There are fundamental considerations for manufacturing every humidifier and you should consider the differences before choosing the right fit for you. Here are some useful tips to consider before selecting the best humidifier for nursery.

Top tips for choosing best humidifier for nursery

Cleaning and preservation

Cleaning humidifiers are essential to their effectiveness and maintenance is also key. This will ensure the machine is working very well and it also certifies that bacteria, mildew, parasites and mold will not grow inside. You want to avoid the introduction of these pathogens into your baby’s nursery because they are completely destructive to their health. The different options of humidifiers give you the chance to pick the low maintenance, easy to clean type. We know you have a lot of work as a new parent, so this will simplify your work and leave your baby breathing easier and feeling healthier.


Babies need sleep to be healthy just like adults do. They tend to be more sensitive to noisy environments than adults are and so will not sleep comfortably if the humidifier in the nursery is too noisy. Avoid noisy products as they are not the best humidifier for nursery. There are different types with different noise levels but go for the stealthiest.


Humidifiers come in different shapes and sizes. You can get one that is portable and travel size. You can easily move this from one side of the house to another when needed. It should also have a small footprint that allows you to set in on a small surface like a bedside table. It should not be heavy so that moving it up and down for different purposes will not be such a huge chore. The size is also important when you are considering refilling. The best humidifier for nursery will fit under the faucet and also be easily stored for when you don’t need it.

White Dust

Especially with ultrasonic humidifiers, white dust can prove to be a challenge. This white dust comes about as the final product of water particles. Mineral deposits naturally present in the water will be separated and dissected into tiny particles. When those particles are dispersed into the air, it can be problematic for your little one. Now a humidifier is supposed to be beneficial and not the opposite. Reviews like this one will provide the best humidifier for nursery, giving you options to select from that will be free from the problem of white dust.


You will find a lot of humidifiers with anti-pathogenic and antibacterial properties. You will want to go for one of these for some extra protection on your baby’s health. One brand is not the same as the other, so although they all offer the same advantage, it is not in the same degree. You should only go for the most effective kind. You do your research properly. You will come across the very best option for you. This guide is a good place to start since you can see different options for the best humidifier for nursery.

Top features to look out for

There are different designs and models of humidifiers. You can select one with some extra features to make sure it serves the very purpose you need it for.

Warm Mist

Some humidifiers will heat water and turn into steam while others won’t. The warm mist kind can kill bacteria through the boiling and so more commendable. Even doctors recommend warm mist humidifiers over cool. If your baby has a reoccurring cold or other problems with breathing, the warm mist type is going to be the better option. Extra precaution has to be employed when using this type of humidifier so the baby is not hurt by hot water or scalded by the machine. They can also be the breeding ground for dangerous pathogens so make sure to maintain and clean them properly.


You want to see exactly what is happening on the humidifier at night without switching on a light. Not every option comes with a night light while some have LED display. If you have to reset or refill the humidifier at night, it will pay to have a night light so that you can see what you’re doing without putting on the light that will disturb your baby’s sleep and maybe wake them up too. Consider this feature when selecting a humidifier for our baby’s nursery.


There is an ideal humidity level for your baby’s room and you should consider getting a machine that will turn off automatically when it reaches that desired level. If the humidifier you choose does not have this feature, it can make the room too moist and even cause moisture to form on the windows. The best humidifier for nursery will have an auto shut off the timer or you can buy a hygrometer separately from the machine for monitoring humidity levels.

  • Automatic shut-off

If your humidifier does not have a feature to turn on and off on its own, it will keep running even if the water in the machine runs out. This is a sure fast way to damage your humidifier early.

  • Automatic Timer

Some humidifiers have the option to turn-on by a specific time. This means you don’t have to get home and turn it on before it starts preparing the room for the presence of your little one, it can kick-start by itself which makes things more convenient. If you are planning on getting this model, make sure you pay attention to changing out the water in the machine. If it becomes stagnant, it becomes a good breeding ground for pathogens.

  • Easy to use design

If the humidifier you purchase is too complicated to operate, you might find using it becomes difficult. To make full and proper use of your machine, get one that has simple buttons and straightforward instructions. This way, you will not endanger your baby by using the humidifier wrongly or waste your money by not utilizing it enough.

Top 5 best humidifiers for nursery

When you are prepared to go shopping for the best humidifier for nursery, make sure to consider tips like noise and size while also considering features like a night light and automatic turn off.  You might just be swamped by the plethora of option available, so here a list to follow for the best.

Reidea Ultrasonic Humidifier

This fantastic ultrasonic humidifier, provided by Cheerivo Inc., is the absolute best for your baby. It helps in reducing stress, purifying the air and cleansing for the bad smell, removal of bacteria and optimal humidity indoors. This fantastic machine comes with different mist settings so you can control if you want high or low mist in the nursery at any time. The ultrasonic humidifier is also very quite\ in operation, your baby’s sleep will not be disturbed by loud noises from this equipment. The big 3-liter capacity makes it one of the best humidifier for nursery because it can run for up to 24-hours uninterrupted. This machine has automatic shut off which will turn the system off when the water has finished. This is a great choice to help your little one with problems of nasal allergies, dry skin, poor sleep and dry eyes. The design is very beautiful and contemporary, so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in your child’s room.

Crane USA Humidifiers – White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier has the perfect shape and size to fit right on top of a bedside table or dresser in the nursery. It is very stylish and effectively releases cool mist to humidify the air in your baby’s room. Dry hair and skin, sinus irritation, nasal congestion, dry cough, cough symptoms and nosebleeds can all be tackled with the help of this machine. This humidifier is good because it is as quite as a whisper and can even run for an entire day. Bacteria growth is combated with the clean control system and it can cover all of the 500-feet, dispersing humidity 360 degrees. To ensure safety, the tank will shut off when this machine has no more water. You are sure your newborn is safe from the cool mists system this machine operates. There will be no accidental hot water spills or scalding. No filter is needed for this humidifier too.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This cool mist humidifier from Geniani will bring clean, pure, fresh air to your nursery. It encourages sound sleep through the night and clean air for fresh, healthy skin. This machine has a large 3-liter tank which means it does not need to be refilled several times in a single day but can work for a long time. The automatic shut down feature will put the system off when the water is finished in the tank. Your baby will not be disturbed by constant noise while enjoying fresh moist air because this machine is ultra silent. For maintenance, this humidifier requires daily filling. The machine is easy to understand and simple to use on a daily basis. The soft light on this machine is quite relaxing and aids better sleep. With the 360-degree nozzle, this machine can be directed at any area of the room or set to cover different angles at the same time. If you want a cool mist humidifier, this is one of the best humidifier for nursery.

Urpower 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

This is a portable cool mist humidifier good for your baby’s room. It is also the perfect tool for dispersing essential oils through the room. You can add a bit of prescribed inhalant to the water and allow the soothing scent to spread over the room and help your child breather better. This is especially helpful in case of recurrent nasal congestion and allergies. This humidifier is travel size, so its good for those sudden trips but its small size also means a small tank and repeated refilling during the day. It is made of BPA free plastic which does not disperse harmful materials in the air. You can be sure of safe and sound humid air. Now your baby’s body can be relaxed and you can build pleasant memories in the nursery.

Crane USA Humidifiers – Cow Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Are you going for a fun look to complement the jolly theme of your baby’s nursery? You can use this cheerful cool mist humidifier with a 1-gallon tank for that. It doesn’t only look great for decoration, it will provide fresh clean air to deal with breathing problems and dry skin. The automatic shut off system kicks in when the water is finished and this humidifier is very quiet to provide the best sleep possible. Bacterial growth is prevented by the clean control system and this is one of the best humidifiers for nursery out there.

Every parent has a different need for their baby. You sure do for yours and you can make a good choice from this guide. After identifying the key tips, you should look out for and use the tips to decide on the type of humidifier you want, go through our top five list to select the best humidifier for nursery. The Reida Ultrasonic Humidifier is our top pick because of all the added features and advantages. Let us know what you think in the comments and ask questions for some more help.


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