Green Frog Bassinet

Green Frog Bassinet – A Must to Check Out

If you are thinking of buying a bassinet, then reading a few reviews will give you the popular names for sure. This could be the way to buy the furniture of your choice. Most of us would do that and assuming you are one of us, we have put up this review of the Green Frog Bassinet that will help you understand the concept of a bassinet and how to buy the right one. Read this post till the end and then decide if you would like to add this piece of furniture to your nursery.

Features of the Green Frog Bassinet:

There are a lot of elements that make parents like it at the first sight of it. To start with, it has been designed in an attractive way that you cannot take your eyes off it. The base helps you rock a child quite easily and certainly adds to the value of the product. There is more to this baby bassinet that has been elucidated in the next segment very clearly.

  • Performance – As mentioned above, the rocking base makes a lot of difference. Crafted for newborn babies, the rocking motion helps parents soothe them with the rocking motion. It has a special curved design that ensures it does not get stuck at any point. It moves pretty smoothly and you can even move the cradle back and forth without much of a difficulty. This means moving it around is not a tedious a job at all.
  • Design – Has been designed with high grade aluminum frame. This means it will last you for long and there are lesser chances of rusting. It will not corrode and you will be happy to hand it over someone needy later (in case you feel like it). This implies that this bassinet is very durable and there are no doubts about it.
  • Easy to assemble – The snap legs make it easy for anybody to set it up and you can be rest assured that they are strong enough to bear the weight of a newborn. In addition to this, it comes with a beautiful Green Frog carry bag that makes it effortless to be towed along.
  • Portable – The above discussion certainly makes it evident that this bassinet could be carried along for travel. Thus this becomes a useful travel bassinet for parents that like traveling. It is light in weight and easy to move around even in the house because of the gliding wheels. All these make it a highly portable baby bassinet.
  • Accessories – It includes a great number of accessories like a mattress that is made from premium quality and comfortable materials. It has the right amount of firmness that is considered perfect for a newborn. You also get a slipcover with this bassinet and the carry sweetens the deal without a doubt.
  • Easy to clean – You can take off the covers quite easily off the aluminum frames (by unzipping). Both, the mattress and its fabric are removable you can wash them in the machine if you want. Just make sure that you wash it under gentle cycle. Let them air dry for best results before your re-assemble them.
Green Frog Bassinet top view


  1. Is made from top notch materials that emanate quality
  2. The bassinet’s soft mesh fabric is safe and breathable
  3. Constructed carefully without any loose ends and mostly from soft fabric
  4. More or less, Green Frog has taken extra care to keep the bassinet well ventilated
  5. The bassinet is of low height that helps you reach and console your baby at any time
  6. This low height also aids in checking on your child during nap times


  1. Some consider it expensive in comparison to what you find from other brands
  2. The sheet included is very thin that could be a concern for parents
  3. Lacks storage space as that would have made the product just right
Green Frog Bassinet sizing

Conclusion on the Green Frog Bassinet:

The Green Frog Bassinet is an adorable bassinet that is suited for babies under 6 months of age. It has been engineered in such a way that you get the best of your nursing and the baby sleeps in comfort.

A word to the wise would be to stop using this bassinet as the baby reaches 18 pounds or starts to kneel, sit or stand.

In short, it serves the purpose it was meant for. If that is all you want for your child, then you must give this a serious thought.

Baby Bassinet Cradle Includes Gentle Rocking Feature, Great for Newborns and Infants Safe Mattress Includes Wheels for Easy Movement High End Washable Fabric Lightweight (Grey)
  • SAFETY FIRST: Low height and transparent mesh side windows ensures that you always have a view and easy reach of your baby, the gorgeous round windows also ensures plenty of airflow and ventilation.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND TRANSPORTABLE: Easy to move around the house just lift and glide on the custom designed wheels
  • PREMIUM MATTRESS AND SHEET INCLUDED: Includes a Premium-Comfort mattress with just the right firmness for a newborn baby, along with a washable cotton slipcover sheet
  • COMPLETELY WASHABLE: Fabric can be removed from the aluminum frame and washed
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Totally easy to assemble or take apart with snap-on legs and rockers, comes with a gorgeous Green Frog carrying bag for on-the-go