How to Bath Your Newborn Baby!

A newborn baby is very sensitive to the outer atmosphere so it is very important to keep your baby safe from the heat and cold weather.

Keeping your baby clean is also necessary. Many mothers give a sponge bath to the babies for a week after his birth. It is a good option because this way the body of the baby gets an interaction with the outer atmosphere very gently. After a week you can give your baby a bath in a small baby bath tub.

How to Bathing for Newborn

Before bathing your baby there are certain things you must know. Select a time of a day when you are totally free and you are sure that you will not to attend any visitor in your home.

Never take your baby for bathing if him/her is sleepy. Always bath your baby when he is active and contended. Taking a baby for bathing, when baby is tired or hungry is not a good option. It can make baby annoyed.

Bathing for Newborn Baby

At the time of bath you should keep the room fairly warm. Close all the windows and the door to avoid any cold wind in the room. The room and water both should be warm but not too hot.

After washing your hands gather all the accessories which can be used during the bath like sponge, bowl, and towel. You must keep the clothing of the baby near to you. A diaper and a set of cloths should place nearby.

Put the cold water in the bath tub and then slowly add the warm water in it so that you can get gentle warm water. Never over warm the water because it can harm the skin of your baby.

You should use the bath thermometer to check the temperature of the water. You can check also the water with your elbows dipping into it to know how warm the water is. It should not be too hot or cold.

There should be enough water in the bath tub that your baby can settle into it with his shoulders covered in the water.

After taking these precautions now you are ready to undress your baby. Remove the nappy (or diaper) of your baby and then unwrap it frown down to top with great care. If there is any poo in the nappy then clean the bottom of your baby with baby wipes.

Now wrap your baby in a towel and take your newborn baby in the bathroom. Make sure that the temperature of the bathroom is 22 C.

Don’t cover the head and the face of your baby in the towel so you can easily wash it before put him/her in the bath tub or the baby bather. To give your baby bath at once can make your baby cry.

Wash your baby’s head and face gently with your hands. You must use a baby shampoo for your baby hair as they don’t contain any ingredients which can be harmful for your baby’s hair and skin as well.

Hold your baby firmly but with gentle grip that may not be painful for baby. Pour the water on the body of your baby. Now use baby soap to clean their body.

If you prefer to give bath to your baby in a bathtub then you can also use a gentle baby liquid cleanser mix in the water to protect the soft skin of your baby.

After washing your baby wrap him/her in the bath towel and pat her with a towel to make the skin dry.

If you feel that the skin of the baby is getting dry, you can smooth the skin by applying a baby moisturizing lotion on the skin. Give a 10 minute cuddle to your baby to keep him warm. Now you can dress up your baby.


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