how to design a perfect playroom for kids

How to Design a Perfect Playroom for Children

When it comes to designing your kid’s playroom it can be tricky. When you are planning to make a perfect playroom for your kid you have to consider many things before investing on different ingredients of the play room. It is obvious that like every parent, you want that your kid’s playroom should be the best and it helps in the growth of your children.

For making a playroom perfect for your kid you have to make a perfect blend of safety and creativity so that your kid always love to play in his room. In this article we are providing a brief look at different elements of a play room which helps in making the play room the best.

1. Theme of the Kids Playroom

The first thing which you should consider while designing the kids play room is the theme of the room. Being a father or a mother of the kids you better understand the likes and dislikes of your children. Most of themes are both for boys and girls, but you can select a specific theme if you are designing the room for your baby boy or girl. You must consider these points while selecting the theme for your kid’s playroom.

Perfect Playroom for Children
  • Safety

Whatever the theme of the playroom, safety comes on the top of everything. No one wants that their kids get hurt while playing. So be careful in selection of theme of the room. Make the play area fun for the children and never keep other household items in the playroom.

  • Color

Kids are more attracted towards the colors. It is also true that if there are more than one dark color children get distracted because they prefer one dark color at a time. The best possible option is that you can use dark colors for one wall of the room and natural light colors for the other walls and different parts of the room. It will be easy to change the color in the future.

  • Creative and Functional

Creativity in the design of the playroom also stimulates the creativity of the kids. There are so many options available for making the playroom creative as well as fully functional. Always choose the items for the kid’s playroom wisely.

2. Division of Playroom

division of playroom

While designing the playroom it is important that you make it functional and design it in a way that the kids never feel bored in the playroom. Preferences of the kids get changed very quickly. It will be the best option to divide the room into different zones. In this way the kid will get attracted to different things in the room and go to the other part of the room when he feel bored while playing in one corner of the room.

There can be a toy zone in one corner of the room and the other corner can be converted into books sector. You can also create a costume corner which will help in enhancing the imagination and creativity of the kids.

3. Furniture

playroom furniture

When it comes to the furniture in the playroom you will get so many options to choose from. The most common furniture is the table and chairs. You can place a play table with two or four chairs around it. It can be used by the kids for different activities like eating, coloring, painting, etc. The set of table and chairs should be comfortable and according to the size of the kids. The plastic material is a good choice for these kinds of table and chairs.

Another piece of furniture is the activity table which offers many opportunities for creativity and imagination. It is a popular choice in many playrooms. It is because they are designed specifically for children, they are kid-sized, lightweight, and sturdy. Art table and water table is also a good choice for placing in the playroom.

4. Floor Space

If there is enough space in the room, leaving a considerable free space for kids is the best option. If the room is small you can still get some free space by using the walls as the storage area. The floor space allows the kids to perform different kinds of healthy activities. Toddlers like to run free in the room, they can set up a train track which involves significant creativity and intelligence.

Floor Space in the Perfect Playroom for Children

All the free space in the room should be covered by some rugs or carpet. While playing, the children can get hurt themselves by falling on the plain hard floor. So try to put a plush wool rug in the playroom of your kids.

5. Learning zone

Learning Zone

Kids keep learning as they grow from all the sources around you. To fulfill their learning needs and to provide them school like environment, learning zone is necessary.

The advantage of defining a corner of the playroom as learning zone will help the kid get familiar with the teaching pattern of the school. You can place a white board and some chairs in front of it so that you can easily teach your kids or they play as teacher and student.

6. Storage Options

All the stuff in the playroom should be properly placed on their defined storage area after playing. There is a lot of stuff present in the playroom. Toys, coloring books, story books, puzzles and lots of other stuff if not managed properly it will look like a mess in the room. You can arrange all the things separately according to their size and use.

storage options
  • Bookcase

It is one of the important parts of the child playroom. To encourage the kids for reading it is a good idea to make a collection of their favorite books in a book case.

The book case will display all the books, but remember to put the bookcase, low to the ground for the safety of your kids. Two or three shelves are perfect for a kid’s playroom.

If you want to more fascinating book case you can also set a revolving bookcase in the playroom.

  • Toy Chest

To store the toys of the kids in one place a toy chest is the best option. Using a toy chest is the best option because you can easily and quickly clean up the space by putting all kinds of toys in it.

You can get toy’s chest in different size and shapes according to the theme of your room. A toy chest without the lid is considered safer and the kids can use it for storing their toys by themselves.

  • Shelves

Shelves in the room are very important because you can store a lot of things on these shelves. From books to large toys, everything can be stored on these shelves. You can label the shelves by name and pictures so that the kids can learn to arrange different things in one place.

Make sure the shelves in the playroom are securely attached to the wall and safe for kids.

Conclusion on How to Design a Perfect Playroom for Kids

A playroom is a place which is considered as the personal place of the kids and they love to spend their time in the playroom.

With the kids, this room gives a peace of mind to the parents as well.

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide them a playroom which fulfill all their needs.

As the child grows his/her preferences change, it is important that the playroom should grow with the child.

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