how to feed baby solid food

How to Feed Baby Solid Food?

Do you know the right time for your baby to start the solid food? Many moms start asking this question just after the birth of their baby. Your baby doesn’t need anything except the breast milk or the formula until they reach the age of 6 months. It is different in each baby’s case, so the AAP’s recommendation for the right time to start the solid food to your baby is 4 to 6 months.

When your baby reaches the age of 4 to 6 months, the digestive system of the baby starts accepting the solid food and of course solid food for babies are different from what you eat. Many moms who love cooking, they try to make some baby food in their kitchen with some vegetables like carrot.It is a good option to make baby food in your home, but the best thing is that you start with some cereals or baby food available in the market in pouches. If you are trying to make your baby familiar with solid food here are some great tips which will definitely help you in developing the eating habits of your baby.

There are so many cereals present in the market, some of them are made with single grain other comes with a combination of different grains. Always try the single grain cereal so you can easily identify if baby is allergic to any of the grain. Avoid that food in future.

Every baby is different, so you don’t have to wait for the 6 months to complete. If your baby is more active than other babies and tries to grab things and put them in his mouth, it is the time to start the solid food. Some babies easily digest solid food after 4 months. It is better to know your baby to give him the first shot of solid food.

At the start your baby will spit out every food with his tongue because babies take some time for accepting a new taste. The best way to introduce a new cereal to a baby is that first dip a spoon in the cereal and put it in the baby’s mouth so that he can taste it. In this way the baby will develop the taste and start eating the cereal.

Some babies don’t like to eat cereals, If you have tries some different cereals present in the market, but your baby doesn’t like any of them you can try the other baby food. A lot of different baby foods are available which are made with high quality ingredients and delicious taste.

While feeding the baby with solid food you will find that there is always some food stick around his mouth. You can clean that food with a spoon and put it in the mouth of the baby.

If you don’t want that your baby looks messy always use a bib while feeding him. You will find that bib’s made with different material present in the market. Always use a plastic bib. The reason of using a plastic bib is that you can clean it easily with a cloth without washing it.


No doubt, each step of baby’s development comes with some difficulties for the parents, especially for moms, but you can control the situation by understanding the needs of your baby.

When you start the solids for your baby always use the highest quality products of well known brands because it is the baby’s digestive system which keeps him healthy and happy. Cheap and under quality baby food products can ruin the digestive system of your baby and you will fall in trouble.


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