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Windsor Glider and Ottoman Review – A Best Seller?

As a mom, you always want the best for your baby. You are meticulous about changing the diaper, feeding and carrying. You always want your baby to be comfortable, sometimes forgetting about your own comfort.

It is not selfish to think about your own comfort too when you have a baby. Remember, you are the source of nutrients and comfort for your baby. Caring for yourself means caring for your baby too.

Fortunately, there is some baby furniture that is not only meant for babies, but also meant for moms and dads. One of them is the baby glider. What is a baby glider? Is it different from a rocker or a swing?

A baby glider is a type of rocking chair which is made of a seat attached to the base through a double rocker four linkage and a pair of non-parallel suspension arms. It swings back and forth without exerting any effort.

It is a good chair used for nursing a baby. It usually comes with a foot rest where you can place your feet while you rest your back on the chair cushion. Sometimes, baby gliders have pockets where baby essentials can be placed and easily accessed.

A wide variety of baby gliders are available in stores today. But which among them is the best? Well, one of the best sellers today is the Windsor Glider and Ottoman. It is a great furniture to complement baby nursing essentials. Is it safe? Is it sturdy?

To know more about the product, here are the lists of the features and pros of Windsor Glider and Ottoman:


The Windsor Glider and Ottoman has white and gray colors (as well as many other trendy colors) and neat design that fits any interior. It is made of 100% polyester and does not require any batteries.

The frame of the Windsor Glider and Ottoman has a wide seating room that allows you to move. It also has a pair of padded arms and storage pockets on the side so you can store and efficiently reach basic needs.

One of the main concerns in every furniture is maintenance. The chair cushions of the Windsor Glider and Ottoman are removable so the chair can be easily cleaned.

It is sturdy enough too to support just about any weight. It is built with enclosed metal bearings to allow smooth gliding motions. It does not squeak and easily glides without effort.

It weighs 48 pounds and measures 24.8 by 25.8 by 39.5 inches.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman grey and white


  • The Windsor Glider and Ottoman has a cute design in which spots and dirt cannot be easily detected
  • It is made of 100% polyester, comfortable, and wide enough for comfortable seating position
  • It comes with pockets to efficiently organize items and reach for them
  • It is sturdy and does not squeak
  • The chair cushions are easily removable for easy cleaning
  • Made of enclosed metal bearings
  • Easy chair assembly; no assemble needed for the foot rest
  • Glides smoothly
  • Comfortable


  • May crack


The Windsor Glider and Ottoman is a great nursing companion for mothers and babies. It provides comfortable seating when feeding the baby or comforting her. It is loved by many costumers especially when the baby cries in the middle of night and she can be comforted with a slight, sleep inducing motion.

It is sturdy and enclosed with metal bearings that promotes smooth, squeak free motions. However, some users found some cracks right before they used it or while using it for first few days. This could be a heads up for future users. Maybe it needs careful usage or not so heavy weight.

But what users love the most about the Windsor Glider and Ottoman is its generous seating, padded arm rests, side pockets and smooth glide. It is the very basic factors that make a baby glider the best and most comfortable.

Another good thing about the Windsor Glider and Ottoman is its appearance. It has a nice design with gray and white colors that perfectly matches any interior. The cushion can be easily removed for spot cleaning.

Those are the features, pros and drawbacks of the Windsor Glider and Ottoman. It may have a few disadvantages but with all those features and advantages, no wonder it gets four stars at online stores these days.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman, Polyester, Wood, Metal, White with Gray Cushion
  • Generous seating room with padded arms and storage pockets
  • Removable chair cushions for easy spot cleaning
  • Windsor glider and matching ottoman in white finish with gray cushions. Fabric Care Instructions - Do not machine wash, Spot Clean
  • The glider and ottoman pieces have solid wood frames for stability

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