How to Dress a Newborn Baby?

No doubt it is a very difficult task to start shopping for your coming baby or the newborn because most of the time you don’t know what to get for your baby. So you must be aware of the needs of your newborn so that you can arrange the cloths according to it. A newborn baby is always messy and you have to change his clothes several times in a day. So you must make it sure whatever you buy for your baby it must be uncomplicated and easy to open so that you can change the diaper easily.

If this is your first baby and you want some valuable information about the clothes and the dressing of a newborn before registering things online, here are some points you should consider before buying the clothes of a baby.

Size of Clothes

It is very difficult to decide what size will be fit for your baby. The reason behind it is that babies have different weight and size at the time of their birth. 0 – 3 months cloths are best for the baby’s up to 8 lbs, but if your baby is healthy and big in size and weight you will need 3 – 6 month clothes for your baby. Some babies grow quickly and the dress which is for 0 – 3 months outsize in a month.

The best solution for this problem is that you buy cloths of different sizes for your baby. After dressing him you will get to know what the appropriate size is for him. The remaining cloths can be exchanged or returned as per the policy of the company.

Cloths for baby

You can choose from different types of clothes according to the weather condition of your area. Remember that the newborn baby needs one extra cloth as compare to you and you must take great care of him, especially in the winter because he can get cold if he is not properly dressed.

Most of the time one piece outfit is the best option because the baby takes naps very frequently and for changing the diaper it is very convenient. It is also very comfortable for the baby for sleeping and playing.

Leggings are necessary for the baby in many ways; you must buy those leggings which are made with stretchable material so that it can easily get fit in the diaper and the waist of the baby. A stretchable legging will expand as the baby gain weight.

Sweater or jacket is necessary if your child is born in the winter season. To keep your baby warm should have at least one sweater present at the time of his birth.

Some other important clothing is wearable blankets, socks and booties, these cloths are used to keep baby warm at night.

How to dress

When dressing a baby keep certain things in your mind.

The room should be warm because baby can get cold very quickly.

Dressing your baby on the floor or on the changing table will be easier and less chance of falling off the bed or changing station.

The first thing is to put a diaper on the baby. Whether it is a shirt or a one piece overall cloth, stretch the neck of the shirt, support the head of your baby and put the shirt on his head from the back. Try to avoid any scraping on the face of the baby. Gently put the arms and the legs into the cloth and zip it up.

In a day or two, with practice, it will become easy for you to dress up your baby. Never put tight clothes on the body of your baby which makes it difficult to breathe. Always choose soft and cozy dress for your newborn and enjoy the blessing.


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