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Top 5 Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

It becomes very confusing for the pregnant women to decide about their diet. The reason of this situation is that they get so many advices from the friends and family members that deciding about a particular thing becomes difficult. You can listen to everyone, but always remember that a good diet is very important for you. There are certain elements which play a vital role throughout your pregnancy period.

top 5 diet tips for pregnant women

You need to maintain good health during your pregnancy and this is the only way to give your baby a good growth. No doubt there are many food items which should be avoided in the nine months of pregnancy, but the list of foods is longer which are healthy and keep you active and fit during the pregnancy. To help you in taking good food in this period, we are providing you top five diet tips which will help you in staying healthy.

1. Drinking water

If any pregnant women ask about the most important thing which she should take during her pregnancy. You can give an easy and straight answer, Water. Water is the only element which absorbs in the body more quickly and helps other foods in digestion. Water has almost all the nutrients which a pregnant women need. 2 liters of water is recommended in a day.

2. Excess intake of Protein

While you are pregnant your body needs an excess amount of protein on a daily basis. Proteins are responsible for producing amino acid, which builds cells in the body. A pregnant woman needs 70 grams of protein daily, and to attain this amount it is necessary to take fish and poultry, nuts, low fat milk, eggs and beans.

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3. Calcium to strengthen the Bones

Calcium is one of the most important elements for the strong and healthy teeth and bones. During the pregnancy the body of the mother needs triple amount of calcium to maintain her own body and to provide proper calcium to the baby. High calcium foods are necessary like low fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Different fruits and vegetables have different amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help in maintaining good health. For a pregnant woman obtaining vitamin A, B and C are very much important. Fruits like oranges, strawberries and broccoli and vegetables like spinach, sweet potato, and dark yellow vegetables should be included in the diet of a pregnant woman.

5. Omaga-3

For brain and heart health omega 3 plays a vital role and in case of a pregnant woman these essential elements are responsible for the development of brain and heart of the fetus. The human body cannot make omega 3 so we have to take it from outer sources. Seafood is the best source of it so you must include sea food like fish in your diet.


A woman when she is pregnant requires greater energy so it is important to eat enough food, which can provide energy to his body as well as the growing baby. Most doctors recommend 300 extra calories per day for pregnant women. You should take care of your diet to get these extra calories and to maintain your health.


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