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Baby Einstein Exersaucer Reviews

Gone are the days when you used to put your baby in a baby walker to be hands-free and finish off some chores. Over time baby walkers have proven to be unsafe for children and many countries even ban its use.

Why would you want an unsafe walker to hold your baby when there are many great options like the exersaucer that not just hold your baby but provide an activity center for the little one to explore and enjoy?

Baby Einstein is a reliable name when it comes to introducing good quality products like the door jumpers, baby jumpers, and baby saucers.

With their range of highly useful exersaucers, they have made sure your baby enjoys the activities offered by a good baby saucer while indulging in a little exercise.

What is an Exersaucer?

baby exersaucer

An excersaucer is a modern, safe, and better alternative to a baby walker. It helps you do your chores while your little one enjoys playing on his/ her own.

As the name indicates, the exersaucer lets your baby do some exercise while keeping him/ her busy in various activities on a baby saucer, hence the term exercise saucer came into existence.

While your little explorer plays with multiple activities that the exersaucer offers, there are many long-term advantages that it provides in your baby’s growth and development, such as:

  • Improving the cause and effect: Exersaucers are great at teaching babies the concept of cause and effect – when an action taken by your baby results in an outcome (music or movement).
  • Increasing the hand-eye coordination: An exersaucer can help teach your baby the hand-eye coordination where your baby uses his/ her vision to spot a toy and tries to grasp, slide, chew, pull, or push it using his/ her hands.
  • Developing basic motor skills: Your baby uses his/ her fingers, hands, and vision to explore objects, feel their texture, slide or spin the toys and play music – all these activities polish your little one’s motor skills.
  • Strengthen leg and hand muscles: Standing in the exersaucer trying to balance their weight, bounce, and jump are great for the development of those tiny leg muscles. Similarly, when your baby tries to hold, pull, push, slide, or manipulate a toy or rattle, he/ she is not only exercising his/ her hand muscles but also making them strong.

Baby Jumper vs Exersaucer

For some, it may be a little hard to differentiate between a baby jumper and an exersaucer at first glance, however they have some features that the other one does not.

The main difference between a baby jumper and an exersaucer is that of the ratio of jumping and playing activities.

A baby jumper lets your baby jump more while not offering too many activities. The primary focus, as the name indicates, is on your baby’s jumping skills which work great for strengthening those tiny leg muscles.

The exersaucer, on the other hand, lets your baby bounce but does not focus on too much jumping. However, it offers a vast range of activities to indulge in.

So, while an exersaucer may not provide a lot of activities involving the leg muscles as compared to a baby jumper, it plays a vital role in your baby’s early development of motor skills.

The introduction of an exersaucer has taken baby gear like baby jumpers, door jumpers, and baby walkers to the next level.

It is a blessing for parents. It not only lets your baby bounce and exercise his/ her motor skills, but it also lets your baby enjoy a play center that has all sorts of activities.

This way your baby learns new things while you can have some quality time by yourself.

Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

Baby Einstein Exersaucer Rhythm of the Reef

Babies love the concept of the sea, and your little one is sure to find the Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer full of colorful sea friends.

The eye-catching octopus rattle with spinning beads, swinging fish, spinning whale, and a rotational crab all make sure there is no time to get bored when your little sea explorer is having fun at the reef.

The activity saucer has a flat base (saucer) where your baby can stand or tiptoe to enjoy more than 11 different activities. Your baby can have a little bounce (it is not a jumper, so do not expect your baby to jump a lot on it a lot).

The piano buttons play different melodies along with displaying colorful lights.

There is also a language option where the sound panel can converse in English, French, and Spanish, helping your little one master his/ her early words. The sound system requires 3 AA batteries to help your baby enjoy the music.

You can also adjust the height of this activity saucer as it offers 3 different settings, so when your little one grows, the Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer grows with your baby too.

The seat rotates at a 360-degree angle, so the baby can easily turn left or right and play with all the toys around him/ her.

This underwater world is made up of good quality plastic and polyester. The seat is comfortable which ensures that your baby can enjoy the Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer for a long duration and hence enable you to finish off your chores or have some rest. And since diaper leaks and milk spills are bound to happen, the seat-pads can be easily wiped, or machine washed. The activity saucer also has a built-in toy table that can be easily cleaned.

The Baby Einstein Activity exersaucer does not only provide your baby with numerous options to play with, but it also enhances your baby’s explorational skills and develops his/ her hand-eye coordination.

The understanding of cause and effect is also an important phenomenon in your little one’s life and using a dozen interactive activities that the Rhythm of Reef exersaucer offers, your baby is definitely in good hands, or should we say seat!

The Baby Einstein Activity Saucer is easy to assemble. It is recommended for babies who can sit without any sort of assistance, weighs less than 25 pounds, and are no more than 30 inches tall. Weighing 5.9 kgs, it can be easily transported when you want to leave your baby at grandma’s house for a few hours.

Having a unisex theme and colors, the Baby Einstein Rhythm of Reef Exersaucer is an ideal baby gift especially if you do not know the gender of the baby.


  • Attractive ocean theme with colorful toys
  • More than 11 activities
  • 360-degree rotating seat to access all activities
  • Battery-operated colorful piano buttons that display lights and play melodies
  • Speaks in English, French, and Spanish
  • Seat-pads can be machine-washed
  • Helps your baby learn hand-eye coordination as well as understand cause and effect


  • The piano keys are sometimes a little hard for the baby to press
  • The seat often does not swivel as smoothly as many other exersaucers

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Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer

Baby Einstein 2 in 1 Lights and Sea Activity Gym and Saucer

Purchasing a good quality multi-functional baby gear is an investment that not only your baby can enjoy, but you can also pass it down to his/ her siblings or cousins.

If you want to invest in an exersaucer that grows with your baby (and no, we are not just talking about the height adjustments), the Baby Einstein 2 in 1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym and Saucer is exactly what you are looking for. It grows with your baby and transforms from an attractive playing mat to an activity-packed exersaucer.

In the first phase, your baby will use the Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity playmat in his/ her early months until your baby can sit without any support.

The Baby Einstein playing mat is a good quality shiny mat that is easy to wipe clean and comfortable for your newborn to lie on. Although it is not densely padded, it is enough for your baby to enjoy a comfortable playtime without getting uncomfortable.

The toy bar around the playmat is a multi-colored bar that lights up as your baby enjoys the toys hanging around him/ her. It attaches to both the playmat as well as the activity gym (which is used when your baby grows up a little and does not need to lie on playmat anymore).

The Baby Einstein 2-in-1 activity gym & exersaucer offers a wide range of sea-based toys and activities including a spinning whale with beads, a rotating crab, a fish spinner, a clamshell toy that your baby can open and close, and a bending leaf toy.

It also has 4 link loops which allow you to additionally attach your baby’s favorite toys, so when your baby is enjoying the exersaucer, he does not miss out on any fun.

There is a mirror that the baby enjoys watching along with a cellphone plug-in where you can let your baby watch videos – no missing out on the fun, for sure!

The music area provides different options such as turning on and off the music, controlling the volume (which can be a blessing if you are trying to take a quick snooze), and choosing the melody or learning activity.

Your little Einstein has three different language options to choose from – English, Spanish, and French.

The Baby Einstein Lights & Sea Activity Saucer has a comfortable seat that has a 360-degree rotation, allowing your little explorer to access and enjoy all the toys around him/ her. And since spills and diaper leaks are an integral part of your baby’s development, the seat pad can be easily wiped – not to mention that the seat is removable so it can be conveniently machine-washed.

The height can be easily adjusted for up to 3 different height levels, so your baby continues to enjoy more than 15 activities as he/ she grows taller.

The Baby Einstein Activity Gym and Saucer is easy to assemble. The battery-based music area needs 3 AA batteries to play some of the most memorable melodies that your baby is sure to enjoy.

The Baby Einstein exersaucer is recommended for newborn babies (in the form of its playmat) to when they are up to 1 year old. The exersaucer can hold a baby up to 30 pounds of weight.


  • Versatility: the 2-in-1 playmat and exersaucer
  • Attractive unisex ocean theme with good quality toys
  • Smartphone option
  • The lightbar can be attached to both the playmat as well as the exersaucer
  • Excellent for your baby’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills


  • The exersaucer only offers a little bounce and not too much jumping, so if your baby enjoys jumping, you need to buy a baby jumper.
Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer
  • Transforms your living room into an ocean of discovery
  • Grows with baby from playmat to activity saucer
  • Optional smartphone connectivity for baby’s favorite videos
  • Playmat wipes clean; removable seat is washable
  • Captivating light bar easily moves from playmat to saucer


Baby Einstein is a very reliable name when it comes to baby activity gear.

Whether you are buying the Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer or the Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym and Saucer rest assured that you are buying a reliable exersaucer that will not only help your baby in his/ her physical development but also in developing his exploration and motor skills.


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