Chicken and Carrot Baby Food Puree

Baby Food from 6 Months Up – Chicken and Carrot Puree Recipe

Taking care of the diet of a baby is very necessary for his optimum growth. As the age of a baby increases the requirement of his body also changes. From the 6 months of his age the digestive system of a baby gets ready to accept the solid yet soft food. At this stage it is very important to make something delicious for the baby so that he can eat it easily and leave the milk.

Many ready to serve food are available in the market for this purpose. You can choose one of them, but it will be more beneficial for the baby if you can cook different things for him at home. So that you will be sure about the quality of the ingredients and the food. The recipe below is healthy and yummy and the baby will like it very much.

How to cook?

It is an easy and quick recipe so you can make it at the spot and can give fresh chicken and carrot puree to your baby. Babies from 6 months can enjoy this awesome meal. It can be one of the first meals you can give to your little cute baby.


1 chicken breast as it is enriched with iron

2 carrots

1 potato

¼ cup breast milk or formula milk or Vegetable broth


  • Take the potato and the carrots and wash it with the water
  • Now peel the potato and carrot and chop it finely into small pieces
  • Take the chicken breast piece and wash it with clean water.
  • Now take a pan and add the water in it. When the water is going to boil, put the steamer part on the pan.
  • Put the chicken breast piece on the steamer and the veggies around it for 20 minutes, so that the chicken, carrots and potatoes must be cooked evenly.
  • You can leave it for half an hour or until all the ingredients cooked well.
  • After half an hour your chicken will be ready so take out all the ingredients from the steamer.
  • Now cut the chicken in the little pieces.
  • Take a food processor and add the pieces of carrots, chicken and the potato in it.
  • Now add some vegetable broth or formula milk or breast milk to make the chicken more creamy
  • Now chop all the ingredients and check the consistency.
  • Keep adding it up until you get the desired consistency of the puree.
  • Your yummy chicken and carrot puree is ready to eat.
  • You can give its one portion to your baby to satisfy his/her hunger.
  • Remaining puree can preserve in the smaller containers for up to two months, but try to use it before two months.
  • If your baby is more than a year you can cut the chicken into the pieces instead of making its puree. Make the puree of carrots and potatoes by the same method and in the end add the chicken pieces into the puree.
  • You can also add a tablespoon of the good Extra virgin oil in it for the babies more than a year old.


To fulfill the needs of the body of your baby these kind of semi solid, soft and delicious food are very important. You must start these soft solid foods right from the 6 months, so that the baby gets all the nutrients which are needed to grow mentally and physically in a good manner.

Never hesitate to try new things because it is the time when the taste of the baby is developing and you will never know that your next dish will become the favorite dish of your baby.

Juliana Harper

Hello, I am Juliana and mother to Sebastian. I used to write for Great Baby Buys but have recently joined forces with the others here at Baby Paradise to get our message out even further. Thanks for stopping by!

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